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The Birthday Times, c1991

Presented to Ron Boland on his 80th birthday, The Birthday Times lists noteworthy events that occurred in 1911. It includes the year’s top story, famous firsts, winners, and popular tunes of the times.

Lent by Warren Boland.

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Travel memoirs

I visit China 1934

Wanderlust calls again: A memento of a round-the-world adventure in 1938

Ron Boland recorded his overseas trips in the 1930s in these two typed volumes.

In the introductory pages to I visit China, he wrote: ‘Ever since I went into newspaper work my one ambition was to see something of how the other half of the world lived…’

His finishing remarks are: ‘Even if there are hardships, travelling is worth every bit of the trouble. Your outlook is broadened … your contact with different peoples of all character and feeling, gives you a better understanding of human nature.'

Lent by Warren Boland.

Remington typewriter c1930

Ron Boland’s beloved Remington Portable typewriter was a trusted companion during his lifetime of writing.

His strong instinct for news and passion for ‘breaking’ stories meant the manual typewriter was in constant use.

Lent by Jasin Boland.

Typewriter case c1930

The case decorated with many stickers bears testimony to Ron Boland’s extensive travel abroad, taking the typewriter as essential luggage.

Towards the end of his trip to China, Boland needed money for his fare home. He sold his typewriter to a fellow journalist with an understanding that he could buy it back when he got home. And he did!

Lent by Jasin Boland.

‘Texas Navy’ certificate 1977

Ron Boland was presented with this ‘Honorary Admiral’ award when he visited the United States.

From March to October 1978, he was a consultant for the Publisher's Office at the San Antonio Express-News in Texas.

Lent by Warren Boland.

News Limited honors Ron Boland 1926- 1977.
Ayers House, Adelaide

25 November 1977

More than one event was held to salute Ron Boland’s lengthy and influential career.

As a mark of respect and regard, Rupert Murdoch toasted Boland at the Ayers House dinner which was also attended by South Australia’s political leaders.

Lent by Warren Boland.

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The News honors Ron Boland 1926-1977.
Hotel Australia, Adelaide

26 November 1977

The caricature on the cover of this staff farewell dinner menu, and the dishes detailed inside, such as ‘Homard Parisienne (Linotype pot lobster la Paris)’, reflect a sense of humour shared with newspaper colleagues.

Lent by Warren Boland.

Letter of thanks for input to South Australia’s Sesquicentenary, 1987

Premier John Bannon wrote a letter of thanks to Ron Boland for his contribution to the Jubilee 150 celebrations held in South Australia in 1986.

Lent by Warren Boland.

Trophy: World Bow Tie Club 1991

In recognition of Ron Boland’s dapper dress style with trademark bow tie, this trophy was made specially for him.

Lent by Warren Boland.

Funeral service card 2000

People from all walks of life attended Ron Boland’s funeral to pay their final respects to a dedicated and distinguished newspaper man.

The public funeral service was conducted at St John’s Anglican Church, Halifax Street, Adelaide.

Lent by Warren Boland.

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