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It's peace

The News - 24 January 1973

Adelaide; News Limited

Newspaper, 410 x 300 mm

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On 23 January 1973 the United States and North Vietnam announced that the terms of a ceasefire had been agreed upon. Negotiations between the US and North Vietnam for peace in Vietnam had begun almost five years previously in 1968 after President Lyndon Johnson had announced that he would not run for the presidency again, mainly because of the continuing war in Vietnam. The peace agreement was primarily negotiated by US national security adviser Henry Kissinger and chief North Vietnamese negotiator Le Duc Tho. It was signed by representatives of the US, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong in Paris on 27 January, to become effective on 28 January. The US was to remove all forces from South Vietnam and all prisoners of war were to be released within 60 days. The last American military personnel left Vietnam on 28 March 1973. President Richard Nixon, who had pledged to end the war through “peace with honour”, claimed the agreement achieved this goal.

The agreement concluded American involvement in Vietnam but did not end the conflict. North and South Vietnam continued fighting until the fall of Saigon to Communist forces on 30 April 1975. By the end of the war there had been a reported 58,000 American casualties and the US had spent US$155 billion in South-East Asia since 1950. South Vietnamese casualties were estimated at over 611,000 and North Vietnamese and Viet Cong at more than 916,000.


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