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Assassination of Presdt. Kennedy

The News - 23 November 1963

Adelaide; News Limited

Newspaper, 410 x 300 mm

Location : State Library of South Australia - view catalogue entry

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At 12:30 pm on 22 November 1963 President Kennedy was shot while riding in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. He was pronounced dead half an hour later at Parkland Hospital. At approximately 2:30 pm Vice-President Lyndon Bains Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States of America. Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on 25 November 1963.

On the day of the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of police officer JD Tippit and the next day was charged with the murder of President Kennedy. The police concluded that Oswald had acted alone, but speculation began almost at once about whether Oswald was the only conspirator and gunman or if there was a wider plot. Oswald was shot on 24 November by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. The act was caught on live television and fuelled rumours that others involved in the assassination did not want Oswald to talk. Ruby was found guilty of the murder of Oswald and appealed the conviction. He died, however, before the next trial began.

On 29 November 1963, President Johnson established the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, also known as the Warren Commission. The Commission first met on 5 December 1963 and presented its findings on 24 September 1964. The Commission found that Oswald acted alone, but also stated that it could not totally disprove that a larger conspiracy existed.


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