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It was her day

The News - 3 June 1953

Adelaide; News Limited

Newspaper, 410 x 300 mm

Location : State Library of South Australia - view catalogue entry

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As elder daughter of Albert, Duke of York, Elizabeth was not likely to become Queen of England. In December 1936, however, her uncle King Edward VIII, abdicated to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson. Elizabeth’s father became King George VI and Elizabeth heir to the throne. When George VI died in February 1952, Elizabeth became queen at the age of 26.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. For the first time ever, a coronation ceremony was broadcast on television in the United Kingdom where an estimated 200 million people viewed it in the homes of the 20 million people who owned television sets. It was the first time that television cameras had been allowed inside Westminster Abbey and the Queen herself had gone against the counsel of her chief advisors to allow them so that a greater number of her subjects could see the ceremony.

Films of the coronation were sent all around the Commonwealth. The Queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee (50 years on the throne) in 2002. Hers is the fifth longest reign in British history .


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