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The News - 2 September 1939
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Britain, France call on Hitler to halt

The News - 2 September 1939

Adelaide; News Limited

Newspaper, 590 x 420 mm

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On 2 September 1939 Britain appealed to Germany to end all aggression towards Poland. Britain and France had made a pact with Poland in March 1939 to come to that country’s aid if attacked. For several months Adolf Hitler had been demanding the return of the free city of Danzig and the area of the Polish Corridor, both of which were established after World War I, to Germany. Britain and other European countries had attempted to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the dispute, but Hitler had occupied Slovakia on 29 August (ostensibly to protect her from a Polish invasion) and moved the German military into Poland on 1 September.

When the final warning for Germany to withdraw all forces from Poland was ignored, Britain and France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939. As a Commonwealth nation, Australia followed Britain into war.


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